Praying for Revival

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How often have you heard prayers for Revival in public? How often have you prayed for Revival in private? As Christians, we all long for Revival. We read accounts of revivals in the past with a mildly repressed envy. We wish we would experience them in our local situation but having seen new methods come and go, too often we resign ourselves to failure. In this devotional book Eric Hayden reminds us of the necessity of prayer when we desire revival. Looking at the thirty-five prayers for revival found in the bible Hayden gives us a series of short studies on Revival and Prayer. Hayden divides these prayers into seven sections. Prayers revealing the Need for Revival Prayer for a Vision of Revival Prayer to the Sovereign God of Revival Prayers for Personal Revival Prayers for the Corporate Revival of God's People Prayers for National Revival Prayers for the Revival of God's Word With a chapter for each prayer we are shown how Prayer and Revival are intricately linked in Scripture and consequently in our every day lives. This is a wonderful book that will help revive in us the Biblical attitude to revival, and remind us that Revival comes from God himself.