Prepare Him Room: Prepare Him Room: Celebrating the Birth of Jesus in the Classroom (Advent Curriculum)

Marty Machowski

New Growth Press

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Guide kids and their families into the heart of Christmas with this gospel-focused, four-week Advent curriculum. Prepare Him Room’s Christ-centered, biblical-theological approach connects Old Testament promises to their New Testament fulfillment in Christ in a way that kids can understand. With age-appropriate instruction and activities for three different learning levels—preschool, lower elementary, and upper elementary—Prepare Him Room builds gospel hope and enduring theological depth into each child’s celebration of Christmas. Four weekly lessons feature a New Testament Bible story, a look at Old Testament promises, an object lesson, a craft, a coloring page, and a Christmas carol to sing together. Prepare Him Room will change the way kids and families at your church celebrate Christmas.

  • Connects Old and New Testaments to teach Christmas through a gospel-driven, biblical-theological perspective
  • Equips churches with an entire month’s worth of Advent teaching material
  • Bridges the gap between church and home by exploring the same gospel themes through church curriculum and family devotions
  • Provides age-appropriate instruction and activities for kids at three different levels—preschool, lower elementary, and upper elementary
  • Offers unique, memorable, and inexpensive Christmas activities 
  • Package includes 12 lessons on CD (each with black-and-white and color options), 1 hardback family devotional, and a reproducible template for a manger scene activity 
  • Additional copies of CD with songs from the curriculum arranged and performed by Bob Kauflin and Sovereign Grace music available to purchase here.
  • Hardcover + CD's 
  • 88 pages
  • © 2014
  • ISBN 9781939946669