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Charles Hodge (1797-1878)was for over fifty years a Professor at Princeton Seminary during years when it was at the height of its spiritual greatness. This book contains the outlines of addresses given by him to the students on Sabbath afternoons, when they gathered in the Oratory 'for prayer and conference on themes relating to the life of God in the soul, and to the practical duties having their root therein.' 'These offer Hodge's mature thought on a great many subjects,' wrote Professor John Murray, 'and they breathe the warmth of devotional fervour. Here is a fund of succinct definition on the great themes of theology as they are related to the most practical concerns of the Christian and of the pastor ... When these outlines are studiously and meditatively used they will prove for the reader to be the means of cultivating that intelligent piety of which the Seminary at Princeton was the nursery... The masterful survey provided by this volume is calculated to rehabilitate in the thinking and practice of the present day those very patterns which are largely lost and which are our clamant need. May it be that by God's grace this may be the fruit.'