Prisoner of the Pyrenees (Baker Family Adventures Book 5)

C R Hedgcock

Grace & Truth Books

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Mr. Baker steered too far away from the edge and almost lost a side-mirror against the mountain wall. He touched the brake to regain control and nudged the steering-wheel to the right. In that moment of delay, the SUV surged up from behind and crunched their bumper. "God have mercy!", he gasped. "They're trying to kill us!" The Bakers are minding their own business when Briosa Del Quera bursts into their lives. Briosa is an orphaned Catalan girl who is still reeling from her grandfather's death. His last words instructed her to find people called "Baker" and get in contact with a secret agent they know -- but Jigson has gone missing in suspicious circumstances and not even his agency is able to contact him. Detective Mortimer says that Mr. Jigson was last seen in the Pyrenees mountains, and the Bakers are determined to find him and help Briosa get to the bottom of the plot against her grandfather. But as their journey through northern Spain becomes a breathless race to avoid villains and meet allies, they wonder if Briosa has really told them everything... From a desperate car-chase to a stealthy escape from a Spanish fortress, the Bakers are tested to the limits of their courage and their trust in the Lord. Can they find Jigson and stop a global conspiracy, or will they all become prisoners of the Pyrenees? Prisoner of the Pyrenees is Book Five in the Baker Family Adventures Series.

  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • 2015
  • 9781930133716