Prodigal Children (Resources For Changing Lives)

Robert D. Jones


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If your adult child has left the faith and embraced an ungodly lifestyle, you may
be experiencing shock, confusion, anger, guilt, shame, loneliness even despair. And with these painful emotions come hard questions: 'Did I cause this to happen?'
 'What should I tell others about my child?' 'How do I interact with my child going forward?' Robert Jones offers the comfort of the gospel
to both grieving parents and their pastors, counselors, and friends. He reminds you that God,
the Father of countless prodigal children, understands your hurt like none other; shows you how to find your strength and identity in God instead of in the choices your children make; and gives wise advice for the many practical questions you are facing.
  • Booklet
  • 29 pages
  • 2018
  • 9781629953748