Reasonable Christianity

John Rendle-Short

Evangelical Press

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Dr John Rendle-Short writes, 'When I was a student I could talk to fellow-students about Christianity and assume their basic viewpoints were much the same as mine. They believed in God, and in goodness and badness. But that whole scenario is past, gone, finished, never to return. Now when presenting Christianity to twentieth-century men and women we can no longer assume they have any knowledge of God, Jesus or the Bible. Yet Christianity is reasonable in the basic, popular sense of the work; it is intensely practical and satisfying to the mind. Everything has its correct place. All the shapes fit into the puzzle. This book is addressed, firstly, to atheists and agnostics to outline for them the essentials of Christianity. I assume nothing: no beliefs ... just an open mind.' Secondly, the book is for Christians so that they may understand 'the reason for the hope that is in them' and pass it on to their no-Christian friends. Dr John Rendle-Short sets out to demonstrate that Christianity is 'reasonable', i.e. not past the limit of reason, and his aim is achieved. Highly recommended. The Messenger The author has done a very good job of reaching thinking people - not just academics, but many others who are prepared to face issues objectively

  • Paperback
  • 164 pages
  • © 1993
  • ISBN 9780852342893