Remembering Luther's Fight: A Primer on Martin Luther's Life and Legacy of Standing for the Gospel

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"There seems to be no end of Luther studies and especially in this year, 2017, when many are celebrating the beginning of the Reformation. Kurt Smith's brief study is extremely helpful, though: he isolates the core legacy of Luther and why his life and thought is still needful of study and reflection today. Moreover, he is quite prepared to strike new ground based on a careful reading of the evidence: his dating of Luther's conversion to 1518 is a case in point and that as the real beginning of the Reformation (should we then be shifting our celebration to next year?!) With the questions at the close, this is an ideal tool for studying the significance of Luther's life and having something to celebrate (whether this year or next!)" - Michael A G Haykin, Professor of Church Histroy, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY