Rescue at the Eleventh Hour (The Children's Heritage Series-boy's collection)

W.H.G. Kingston

Grace & Truth Books

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(Rescue at the Eleventh Hour is one of the volumes in The Children’s Heritage Series – Boy’s Collection)

This story, for children 8-14, is a factual narrative of the brave witness of William Hunter, as he was burned at the stake, leading the Clayton family to investigate the Reformation truths of the Bible. As a result, they came to believe in salvation through Christ alone. But it’s a dangerous time for believers, the reign of Mary I of England. This is an account of what God put them through for their faith, and how God providentially sustained them.

It’s the factual narrative of a family’s struggle to uphold the doctrines of the Reformation during the reign of Queen Mary I of England. The men, women and youths, who suffered martyrdom for their faith under the persecuting policy of Mary Tudor must never be forgotten. Their lives reflect in a wonderful manner how the light of God’s truth in the gospel cannot be quenched by the flames of persecution.