Revelation: Understanding the Age

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Revelation: Understanding the Age is a biblical commentary on the book of Revelation that interprets the book as it intends to be interpreted, describing this present age, wherein the eternal will of God is being accomplished by way of the conquest of the Lamb unto judgment and salvation in the end. It is a truly "amillenial" commentary on Revelation. In the likes of Ramsey and Hendriksen, this book focuses upon the true biblical insights of Revelation. It is designed to accentuate the glory and majesty of our Christ and King in the advance of His kingdom in this present age. With the overabundance and saturation of books and commentaries available on the book of Revelation, this book stands out as one of sound, biblical exegesis, in accordance with true Reformed theology, focusing upon the design and intent of the book, as both an epistle useful for the soul, and as prophetic material intended to encourage, embolden, and find use in the furtherance of the faith of God's elect in this present last age. The book follows the biblical hermeneutic of scripture interpreting scripture. It relies upon the text and not circumstances of the day to explain the truth of the content of our Lord's final word to us in these last days. It mollifies the imagination and myths of those that have done a great disservice to the church and our Lord's kingdom by relegating most of the book's content to a future age. Here is a commentary that will rightly afford the reader with the tools and understanding necessary to put the book to its proper use today.