Riddle of the Ruby Ring (Baker Family Adventures Book 3)

C R Hedgcock

Grace & Truth Books

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"Shhh! Something's up," Andy hissed, not slowing down. The others, too, began rushing up the hill, and it was Phil's turn to quiet them in an urgent tone and signal for them to stay low. Nothing could have prepared them for what they saw when they got to the top. "What are they doing?" Emily whispered, her eyes wide. "This is our land!" "I don't know," Phil replied grimly. "Whatever it is, I'm calling the police." The skies are clear, the weather is beautiful, and the Bakers are eager to welcome a new family, the Wilburs, to the farm next-door. Phil, Abby, Andy, and Tom Baker are learning how to relate to their new friends when they discover a mysterious crate hiding an ancient ruby ring which triggers strange activity on the Wilburs' farm. A trail of clues leads to two conflicting stories of strife in the Old West, but it seems that the theft and aggression surrounding this ring haven't stayed in the past. When the safety of both families is threatened, it's up to the Bakers to figure out what is going on before it's too late. Can the Bakers bring an end to a legacy of conflict and restore honor to a tarnished family name? Can Andy learn the secret of his older brother's courage? And, can they solve the baffling riddle of the ruby ring? The Baker Family Adventures series follows the exciting lives of Mr. and Mrs. Baker and their four children: responsible Phil, sensible Abby, daring Andy, and inquisitive Tom. The Bakers are a Christian homeschooling family who, in their desire to help others, frequently find themselves in dangerous situations where they must grow in courage and learn important lessons of godliness. Riddle of the Ruby Ring is Book Three in the Baker Family Adventures series

  • Paperback
  • 228 pages
  • 2015
  • 9781930133693