Rubukes for Sin by the Flames of Hell: A Terrifying Look at Eternity

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Hell is so little preached today that most people in the world do not believe it is a real place, nor do they believe that they will ever go there. The climate of modern Christianity is one of the main reasons why this book is so important. How is it that we have come to a place in our society when large numbers of people in the church don't believe in a literal hell? Today's pastors build large megachurches by denying the most fundamental aspects of the faith like the doctrine of hell, appealing to the itching ears of their congregations. Thomas Doolittle has answers for our modern heretics in Rebukes for Sin by the Flames of Hell. Doolittle begins by answering a series of nine of the most common questions that people ask about hell, included are: Will God punish sinners after this life? Is there such a place as hell and such a thing as hellfire? Why has God appointed such a place? Who are they that shall be burned in this fire? Will the greatest part of men burn in this fire? Will there be degrees of pain and torment in this fire? Then he deals with issues like the names used for hell in the Bible, the extremity of the pains of the damned, the eternal unending nature of the torments in hell, the differences between fire on earth and fire in hell, and the characters of those who will be burned in hell. All the while Doolittle asks probing and penetrating questions of the reader to get him to evaluate his own condition, and uses striking imagery to terrify the ungodly.


105 pages