Ruined Sinners to Reclaim

David GibsonJonathan Gibson


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For centuries, theologians have debated the doctrine of total depravity—the belief that people are wholly and naturally corrupt due to original sin. Reformed theology upholds this truth, acknowledging it to be essential for understanding the gospel and humanity’s need for a Savior.

Ruined Sinners to Reclaim persuasively reaffirms the doctrine of total depravity from biblical, historical, theological, and pastoral perspectives, drawing on the debates of theologians throughout church history. Edited by David and Jonathan Gibson, this book features contributions from respected theologians—including Michael A. G. Haykin, Gray Sutanto, Garry Williams, Mark Jones, Daniel Strange, and R. Albert Mohler Jr.—to help readers understand the reality of our sinful nature, its debilitating effects, and the Holy Spirit’s role in salvation. This is the second book in the Doctrines of Grace series, which explores the central points of the Canons of Dort, providing a framework for understanding each doctrine in all its historical, biblical, theological, and pastoral richness. 

  • Defends the Doctrine of Total Depravity: Including sin’s origin, spread, nature, and scope, as well as its effects on free will
  • Comprehensive: Explores theological ideas throughout church history, including from the patristic, medieval, Reformation, and post-Reformation periods
  • Part of the Doctrines of Grace Series: Along with From Heaven He Came and Sought Her, this volume explores a central tenet of Reformed theology
  • Apr. 2024
  • 1040 pages
  • 9781433557057