Run and Not be Weary

Karen Worsell

Day One Publications

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It has been a lifelong desire of mine to become a runner. This book includes my personal story of seeking to fulfil that desire in my sixties, with a long history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. While endeavouring to realize this ambition, my thoughts have frequently turned to the far more important desire in my life: to run the race that God has set before me and to ‘finish my course with joy’ (Acts 20:24). The Bible often likens the Christian life to running a race, and considering these Scriptural truths has been a real spur and help to me as I persevere in my spiritual race. Each chapter of the book deals with a different aspect of learning to run and looks at the Biblical parallels about running the Christian race that have consequently become more real to me; I trust that these lessons will be of help to you also.


94 pages