Same Lake, Different Boat Coming Alongside People Touched by Disability, Revised and Updated

Stephanie O. Hubach


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In a fallen world, we all experience brokenness. In our humanity, we all experience limited ability. We're in the same lake, sharing a common story—but because our experiences differ from person to person, we're not in the same boat. 

When it comes to people with disability, however, we often act like we're in different lakes. Disability can seem frightening, abnormal—or even irrelevant to those who do not experience it. But Stephanie Hubach argues that there is a better way to think of disability, a better way to understand the challenges facing those touched by disability, and a better way to understand the role of the church in the lives of people with differing abilities. She pinpoints what is true about disability, in contrast to common secular views, and what we need to rethink and relearn in order to support one another and make God's kingdom truly accessible to all. 

This revised and updated edition includes new chapters on growing in grace and journeying into maturity.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Feb 2020
  • 9781629956916