Scuttlebutt Letters - Words to a Wild Tongue

Natalie Brand

Christian Focus Publications

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Scuttlebutt (naval slang for the ship’s gossip) is the affectionate nickname given to the Tongue by the Heart, as he reprimands the Tongue for steering the whole person into catastrophe; enjoying morsels of gossip, creating smokescreens of lies. From the Bible’s teaching on speech, particularly the Proverbs, the reader will taste the bitter destruction of the Tongue.


But as the Heart rebukes the Tongue it becomes increasingly clear that something isn’t right … there is  another villain, a deeper poison, lurking within. What can be done if the Tongue remains untameable? Will the Heart get away with his hypocrisy? Is there redemption for either?


An immensely challenging little book for anyone with a tongue … or a heart!


96 pages

May 2024