Select Practical Writings of Robert Traill (Puritan Paperbacks)

Robert Traill

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Robert Traill (1642–1716) lived to span the ripest period of the Puritan age. Distinguished in the classes of Edinburgh University, Traill early felt the inner constraint to preach Christ. Although he was endowed with a first-class mind and had enjoyed a very complete theological education, Traill was above all a preacher and a pastor who strove at all times to promote practical godliness in his sermons and writings. Every reader who shares his outlook will find him warm, instructive, and encouraging.

This selection of Traill’s practical writings is an excellent introduction to the two-volume edition of his Works.

Strive for the knowledge of him. It is the ignorance of God that is the most universal cause of all the sin and misery in the world, and in the church.

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  • Banner publish date: July 2020
  • original publish date: 1845