Sermons for Christian Families

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"The cultivation of domestic piety and morality is the surest means of elevating the character of our species, and of advancing their welfare both for this world and that which is to come. The good father cannot be a bad citizen; and the child, trained to habits of subordination and duty in the family, will be likely to carry these habits with him into the extended relations of mature life. The rule and measure of human duty is the law of God. A character formed on any other basis, or shaped by any other model, than the Word of God, must be essentially defective. Deep piety constitutes the only sure foundation of a pure morality; and any system of education which overlooks this, and provides only for a reputable passage through the present world. This is designed for a Family Book. It delineates character, enforces obligations, and inculcates duties, by the observance of which, with the blessing of God, families become nurseries of the church of Christ. Christian fathers, the members of maternal associations, all pious mothers indeed, will find it a welcome companion, a faithful monitor and friend. That such a work is greatly needed, there is but too much evidence in the prevailing laxity of family government and discipline. That it may be instrumental of reviving Family Religion, - 'of turning the heart of the fathers unto the children, and the heart of the children unto their fathers, and thus of averting the curse of God from our land,' - is the prayer of the Editor." - June 1832