Sermons by Palmer

Benjamin Morgan Palmer


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An eloquent and faithful preacher of the Gospel, the sermons of this 19th century Presbyterian are collected in this unedited, unabridged, one volume edition of over 1,000 pages. Benjamin Palmer (1818-1902) lived an exceptional Christian life, completely devoted to the ministry of the gospel. In the pulpit Palmer was powerful and "without peer." His biographer has likened him to the class of Chrysostom, Whitefield, and Spurgeon. Born January 25, 1818, in Charleston, South Carolina, Palmer was largely home schooled by his mother who read to him the classics. He graduated at the University of Georgia at the head of his class and later from Columbia Theological Seminary. The greatest human influence on his life was the noted Presbyterian James Henley Thornwell. After graduating from seminary, Palmer pastored a Presbyterian church in Anderson, South Carolina, where he served for ten years. His sermons are thoroughly evangelical, experimental, and solidly Reformed. He was fully convinced of the truth and power of the Westminster standards, and sought to upheld them in the face of American liberalism.

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