Sermons on the Deity of Christ

Old Paths

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Over 400 years ago, the first English translation of selected Sermons by John Calvin on Christology were published as "Diuers Sermons of Master Iohn Caluin, concerning the Diuinitie, Humanitie, and Natiuitie of our Lorde Iesus Chrite." As in all of Calvin's Sermons, he is revealed not simply as a theologian and expositor, but as a preacher and pastor to those placed under his care. In his Epistle to the Reader, the translator, Thomas Stocker, set down for us the relevance and application of these Sermons to his day where in place of faithful exposition, there existed false doctrine, and "vain and doltish tales". Faithful church government was replaced by the establishment of tyranny where men would "vomit and cast up arrogant and proud speeches in the Pulpit against the children of God, and against all such as Jesus Christ hath revealed himself unto." That we find such in our day as well, without question, establishes the need for this reprint. These Sermons were translated afresh from the French and Latin by Leroy Nixon, and published this century. This Old Paths Publications edition is from the second translation. Included in this printing is a Foreword by Dr. Richard C. Gamble, Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando.

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