Sexual Fidelity: No Compromise

Mike Abendroth

Mike Abendroth

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Written in NoCo style (“always biblical, always provocative, always in that order”), Sexual Fidelity is intentionally arranged with thirty pungent chapters so that the readers will study one chapter per day, with the hope of establishing consistent and biblical thinking about sexual purity. The book’s purpose is to saturate the reader’s mind on a daily basis, to think correctly about sex and how it relates to Christ and His church.

Originally stemming from father and son discussions about the sanctity of sex and honed in the laboratory of Men’s Discipleship classes at Bethlehem Bible Church, Sexual Fidelity is perfect for men’s groups, parents, students, benefiting both men and women, whether single and married.

You won’t find potty-mouth discussions, but you will come face to face with God’s revelation about what He created. This book answers questions like:

  • Is the cycle of porn breakable?
  • Can every type of sexual sin be forgiven?
  • How should parents talk to their children about sex?
  • Is there any hope for “dirty old men?”
  • Does the Gospel relate to sexual purity and sexual sin?

Anything but moralistic, Sexual Fidelity begins and ends with the premise that the believer’s union with Christ is essential for God-honoring thinking about sex. Christians will appreciate the gospel of Jesus Christ in these pages, for the gospel regularly reoccurs as the solution and motivating force to obeying God in sexual matters.

  • Paperback
  • 127 pages
  • 2010
  • 9780996819800