Sexual Sanity for Men

David White

New Growth Press

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Written for Christian men struggling with any form of sexual brokenness, Sexual Sanity for Men: Re-Creating Your Mind in a Crazy Culture by David White helps men understand that sexual sin starts in their minds and hearts. It shows them how knowing Jesus Christ breaks their chains, builds spiritual brotherhood, and helps them take practical steps to re-create their minds in a God-focused direction with Christianity.

The Sexual Sanity for Men workbook is ideal for one-on-one mentoring, college age discipleship groups, and men's small group bible study and is produced by Harvest USA, a ministry bringing the truth and mercy of Jesus Christ to help men, women, and families affected by sexual struggles and sin and equip Christian churches to minister to sexually broken people.

Sexual Sanity for men discusses sexual sin in great detail allowing men to truly learn the magnitude of the sin in their hearts and mind. From here White helps Christian men understand that Jesus Christ can break these chains and free them from sin.


288 pages