Shadow of the Cross

Walter Chantry

Banner of Truth

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The message of the Cross is the heart of the Christian gospel. The records of the life of Jesus devote more attention to it than any other part of his ministry. The rest of the New Testament constantly underlines its centrality for Christian faith. But Jesus and the apostles spoke of 'the cross' as a principle of Christian experience as well as the chief symbol of God's love. Belonging to Jesus Christ (he said) meant taking up the cross personally and living for him rather than for ourselves. In The Shadow of the Cross, Walter J. Chantry restores this often neglected teaching to its central place. Writing with the stirring and probing sharp-edged style which is the hallmark of all his ooks, he expounds in brief compass the practical necessity of bearing the cross and the joy of living under its shadow. he then applies this to such areas as Marriage, Christian liberty, and the work of the ministry and prayer.

  • Paperback
  • 79 pages
  • 2013
  • 9781800401549