Simon Peter: The Training Years

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What do you think of when you hear the name Simon Peter'? Perhaps you immediately remember the time he denied three times that he knew Jesusat the very time when Jesus was about to face the death penalty and needed his friends' support the most! So what could we possibly learn from a life of terrible failure? In this, the first of two books on Simon Peter's life, Helen Clark shows us that his story is not one of failure, but one that should encourage us if we want to be followers of Jesus. This uneducated fisherman made some terrible mistakes, but Jesus still loved him and gradually made him into a bold follower who would eventually be a great preacher and powerfully used by God. We may find that we are more like Simon Peter than we thought, and that we make the same mistakes he madebut we can be transformed by following Jesus just as he was.
  • 9781846251573