Soldier's Catechism

Michael Cannon

Solid Ground Christian Books

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Michael Cannon has served for many years as a Military Chaplain, and has both seen the need for this Manual and acted to meet that need. He has done tremendous research in gathering materials for this "SoldIer's Catechism" including the following: (1) The Soldier's Catechism used in Oliver Cromwell's "New Model Army" (2) The Soldier's Pocket Bible which comes from the same period of time, and contains hundreds of passages centered around themes addressed to the soldier. (3) Significant quotations from the Creeds and Confessions of the Church of Jesus Christ "The Soldier's Catechism, although not infallible as the Word of God, has become to me alike the protective sheath for the Soldiers sword of the Spirit (Eph 6:17). This daily help encourages me to mediate on the whole counsel of God as revealed in Scripture from the vantage point of one who must prepare and lead Soldiers into both physical and spiritual combat. The Soldier's Catechism emboldens my spiritual expeditionary endurance as I wrestle "against the rulers of darkness of this age" as a warrior in God's Church triumphant. My hope is the Soldier's Catechism will be an encouragement to you as we fight the good fight along side each other." - Colonel Michael C. Cloy, Infantry, US Army
  • Paperback
  • 138 pages
  • 2006
  • 9781599250540