Solemn Warning to the Secure World: From the God of Terrible Majesty

Gilbert Tennent

International Outreach

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A Solemn Warning to the Secure World, From the God of Terrible Majesty by Gilbert Tennent. Gilbert Tennent was known as a son of thunder. This is his most powerful work, published at the dawn of the Great Awakening in 1735, in which Tennent was active as an itinerant preacher. Subtitled "The Presumptuous Sinner Detected, His Pleas Considered, and his Doom Displayed" this book is a masterpiece in which Tennent proves the strong proneness of mankind to entertain a false confidence; shows the causes and foundations of this delusion; exposes the folly, sinfulness and dangerous consequences of such a presumptuous hope, and gives directions on how to obtain that scriptural and rational hope, which maketh not ashamed. Tennent was motivated by his strong belief that most in the churches in his time, including the pastors, were unconverted. How much more is this true today!!
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • 2014
  • 9781892838292