Song Of A Satisfied Soul

John A. Kitchen

Christian Focus Publications

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Satisfaction - do we dare believe it's possible? Dashed hopes and frustrated efforts leave us wondering if satisfaction is a phantom appetite - forever defying fulfillment. Broken promises, shattered relationships, lost jobs, frivolous hobbies, unfulfilled hopes, dreams and aspirations- they both mock us over past failures and dare us to try again to lay hold of the satisfaction we long for. The journey between the recognition of that longing and the discovery of its fulfillment is the place so many of us live out our lives. No sooner do we achieve a major goal in life than another immediately presents itself leaving us in a perpetual chase after contentment. Above the jeers, however, there rises the sweet strains of a hopeful song. The notes carry the promise of deep, lasting satisfaction. The voice is familiar. The words are well known. But the hope is fresh. The disarming melody melts away despair and disbelief, bidding us to sing along. It is the song of a satisfied soul rising from a contented heart. In the 23rd Psalm God lifts before us the Song of the Satisfied Soul. It's the promise of a life better than you've dreamt possible. What the styrofoam fillers of the world can't deliver, God offers us in the intimacy of a personal relationship with Himself. What our best efforts could not produce, God Himself will be our satisfaction. He Himself is our song, the singer, and the substance of the Song of the Satisfied Soul. True satisfaction in life is found not when all want is removed, but when above all we want Christ.