Speaking The Truth In Love

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This enjoyable biography of Dr. Roger Nicole flows along in a novel- like way, which makes it more than simply a documentation of facts, dates, and events. Truly, this book is a page-turner, and one that, to my pleasant surprise, led me to many smiles and chuckles along the way. Surprisingly, this book is also a theology text. For although the author does not set out to simply list the theological propositions of his subject, the reader finds himself being theologically taught (or at least challenged) by Dr. Nicole as he takes, as it were, a long, leisurely stroll with him. Along with some well- stated tautologies that made me laugh out loud ("Among Protestants it ought not to be a terrible thing to be protesting"), this book was inspirational as well as educational. This is perhaps the most enlightening biography I have ever read and certainly one of the most entertaining. In a genre that this reader has not seen before, Dr. Bailey writes in such a way that one wonders at times where Dr. Bailey stops narrating and Dr. Nicole muses on certain fascinating events in his own life. This blending is seamless as we journey through The Life and Legacy of Roger Nicole, a man who indeed spoke and is still speaking the truth in love.