Spiritual Refining: Vol. 1

Anthony Burgess

International Outreach

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Spiritual Refining: The Anatomy of True and False Conversion, Volume 1 by Anthony Burgess is a classic work on true and false conversion, regeneration, signs of true and false grace, and assurance of salvation. Originally published in 1652, we have selected 30 of the best sermons from the original work which relate most to today. Some of the sermons included are: Showing the Difference Between Assurance and Presumption; That Opposition to and Abstinence from Sin is a Sign of Grace; Gifts and Parts in Matters of Religion No Sign of Grace; External Obedience to the Law of God, No Sure Evidence for Heaven; The Difficulty and in Some Sense the Impossibility of Salvation; That a Man's Leaving those Gross Sins he hath Lived in, Is No Sign of Grace; Showing What the New Birth or Regeneration Is; Laying Open the Counterfeits of the New Birth; Showing the Counterfeits of the New Creature, and more. They have been modernized and newly typeset