Spurgeon On Leadership 2nd Ed: Key Insights For Christian Leaders From The Prince Of Preachers


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The impact of Charles Haddon Spurgeon continues to inspire evangelical leaders more than a century after his death. The nineteenth century "Prince of Preachers" demonstrated leadership ability that remains pertinent and applicable today. Spurgeon pastored the first mega-church, the Metropolitan Tabernacle (Baptist) in London, preaching to over 5,000 worshipers weekly. He wrote dozens of books that still remain in print, began a college to train pastors, founded an orphanage, and made generous donations to more than twenty-five organizations. The friend of prime ministers and future presidents, he was still able to communicate with the common person. This in-depth look at Spurgeon and his writings includes leadership principles, methods, teachings, and practical innovations, allowing Spurgeon a voice in Christian issues in the current socio-politico-religious setting.