Spurgeon's Devotional Bible

Charles H Spurgeon

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It was January 1976 that I began to read Spurgeon's Devotional Bible as a first year student at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. I still remember the place I would sit each morning and evening as I read a portion of this precious book. The Lord used this volume to sift me and humble me and teach me of Himself through His Word and His servant Charles H. Spurgeon.

Thanks to the encouragement of a faithful customer from Nebraska this new edition is about to see the light of day once again. As you will soon see, it is a precious volume that leads you from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, but not in the way you might expect. An example hits you immediately on the first day, which begins with Genesis 1:1-5, and then proceeds to consider John 1:1-14. Then on the second devotional reading you begin with Genesis 1:6-13 and conclude with Proverbs 8:22-36. And on the third one you begin with Genesis 1:14-23 and then consider Psalm 148. The great principle of Scripture Interpreting Scripture is the constant method of this work.

The gist of the entire Bible is contained between the covers of this book. The passages omitted are almost always summarized wherever possible. To reduce a passage to proper length, verses are naturally omitted in whole or in part, but in such a way that the narrative or teaching remains clear and unimpaired.

The book can be read through in one year when morning and evening devotions are maintained. Where only one portion is read per day, observance of the second date, which is inserted below the first in smaller type, will render the volume useful for two full years. Very wisely, in most cases, just one page completes the devotional reading.

On page 481 there is a title page which announces the original intention of the work. There we are told that this work contains Selections for Reading at Family Prayer Mainly from the New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with Brief Notes and Comments by C.H. Spurgeon. May the Lord of Glory use this work once again to lead families across the world before the Throne of Grace where they will find grace to help in their time of need.

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