Sweet Dream: Lifetime Scripture Songs CD

Cassie Byram

Oodles World

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Sweet Dreams is an album of comforting bedtime Scriptures set to original lullaby melodies. Sung by award-winning vocalist, Cassie Byram and accompanied by beautiful, classically inspired music recorded with live instruments, Sweet Dreams will appeal to people of all ages. This album is also designed as an easy learning tool to help children know God's precious word. Sweet Dreams will create wonderful memories for you and your child at bedtime... that will last a lifetime. Singer and visionary Cassie Byram is a mother of two, who fondly remembers growing up with early influences from books and music that have remained a beautiful part of her childhood memories. With the heart of a mother, Cassie see's a need for children to be exposed to God's word at an early age. Combining that desire with her history as a singer for children (she sang the original English version of the theme song for a movie you and your children may know, 'My Neighbor Tortoro,' the classic anime film by legendary director Hayao Miyazaki), Cassie's lullaby album, Sweet Dreams, is a natural outpouring of her talents, experiences, and passions. Her beautiful, sincere, and heartfelt singing is a gift to all who hear it. In addition to the need for Scripture to be presented in a child-friendly way, it must be carefully and thoughtfully set to music. There was not a single corner cut in the process of producing these Lifetime Scripture Songs. Only the finest musicians playing some of the most beautiful instruments the world has to offer were utilized in accompanying and illuminating these special words from the Bible. You will find the music of Sweet Dreams subtly beautiful and deeply edifying, and the words are what they always are-life giving.