Swipe Up: A Better Way to do Love, Sex, and Relationships

Jason Roach

The Good Book Company

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In a sex-saturated culture where anything goes, it's tempting to think that that the Christian vision for sex seems dull, uninspiring and just plain weird!

Join author Jason Roach as he reflects on how he discovered a different way of looking at sex, relationships and love. He found the true intimacy he was craving in Gods perfect design for sex and sexuality and you can too.

Discover a better story than the one our culture tells, a story where respect, generosity and care for others abound and relationships can flourish. Trade insecurity for confidence, anxiety for freedom and stress for happiness as you enjoy who God has made you to be and live in the way He intends.

  • Paperback
  • 95 pages
  • Oct 2019
  • 9781784983703