Ten Modern Evangelism Myths: A Biblical Corrective

Ryan Denton

Reformation Heritage

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Could it be that mistaken beliefs about evangelism lead to a decrease in getting it done? Ten Modern Evangelism Myths recounts the most popular misconceptions about evangelism followed by an easy-to-read response. Every Christian who wants to share their faith will find encouragement here to be bolder and more direct in their approach—while still showing love to those in their predicament of unbelief. You’ll be more effective because you will be clearer about Christianity and more clearly yourself when talking about it. Finally, here is relief from the confusion generated by gimmicks-based and “me-centered” approaches to evangelism.

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Table of Contents:

Foreword - Rob Ventura

Myth 1: Theology Doesn’t Matter When Evangelizing

Myth 2: The Gospel Isn’t Enough When Evangelizing

Myth 3: Evangelism Is Unsuccessful If No One Is Converted

Myth 4: The Lost Should Never Be Offended by Our Evangelism

Myth 5: There’s Only One Right Way to Evangelize

Myth 6: Evangelism and Apologetics Are Different

Myth 7: Reformed Christians Don’t Evangelize

Myth 8: Hell Should Be Left Out of Evangelism

Myth 9: Only Church Leaders and Professionals Should Evangelize

Myth 10: The Church Is Unimportant for Evangelism


  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • April 2021
  • 9781601788443