The Best Day of the Week: Why We Love the Lord's Day

William Boekestein

Reformation Heritage Books

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What is so great about the Lord’s Day? In this book, children will hear the story of what happens on any given Sunday and why. From resting from our usual jobs to gathering as a church to worship, the Lord’s Day is a special day for honoring the Lord – it’s all in the name! Children will see how The Lord’s Day also helps them trust in Jesus and get ready to live for God on all the other days of the week. Let us learn to love the Lord’s Day. After all, it is the best day of the week!

For ages 2–7 years (2–4 read to me; 5–7 read myself)

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Table of Contents:

  1. Preparing for Sunday
  2. Going to Church
  3. What Happens in Worship
  4. Meeting with God
  5. Listening and Learning
  6. Special Occasions
  7. Encouraging Each Other
  8. After the Service


  • Pages: 40
  • Type: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781601789198
  • Published: Feb 2022