Christian and Technology

J. V. Fesko

Evangelical Press

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If any on thing had to be selected to characterize our time, the rapid advance of technology would have to be high on the list. The touch screen is everywhere: in our pockets, on our desks and inevitably in our homes. Children seem to take to touch screens naturally, accelerating their use in every part of life. All this is not without advantages -- rapid communication, easy contact between family members almost anywhere in the world, online shopping made convenient. 

But none can afford to ignore the danger signs, including the rapid spread of pornography across a wide age range, resulting in the sexualisation of young children. These things are in one sense the tip of the iceburg: there are measurable declines in true literacy and decreasing ability to take in information that is not on the screen, or that moves away from 'snippets' and 'sound bites' and quickly accessible videos. And why do major Silicon Valley personalities who are producing these devices limit their use in their own families?

  • Paperback
  • Pages 124
  • 9781783972722
  • Feb 2020