The Christian Sabbath (Banner of Truth Booklets)

Terry Johnson

Banner of Truth

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There can be no doubt that a seismic shift has taken place within the English-speaking world over the last sixty years regarding what used to be referred to as ‘the Christian Sabbath.’ What was considered to be a day of rest, worship and holy activity is now just like any other day of the week — one for the shopping mall, the sports stadium, or for some selfindulgent ‘me-time.’

What has led to this transformation? Or, more importantly, how ought we to think of the first day of the week? Were our forefathers correct in their understanding of ‘the Lord’s Day’ or ‘the Christian Sabbath’? And what did the Lord Jesus Christ mean when he said that ‘the Sabbath was made for man’ and that he was ‘Lord of the Sabbath’?

Terry Johnson investigates these questions and the issues raised by them. He draws out the teaching of Scripture and illustrates it from the writings of many of the great teachers of the Christian church. He then sets out practical recommendations to help today’s Christians experience the benefits and blessings of the special day God has given us.

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