The Cure for Unjust Anger (Puritan Treasures for Today)

John Downame

Reformation Heritage Books

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How can I be holy when I am just so angry?
As a physician of souls, John Downame begins this important book by carefully defining anger and distinguishing between righteous and unjust expressions of it. He then helps us consider the properties, causes, kinds, and effects of unjust anger. Finally, moving beyond diagnosis, he presents the cure for sinful anger by prescribing practical strategies for both preventing and overcoming unjust anger in its different forms. Downame writes as a skilled practitioner who has assembled a comprehensive moral and spiritual pharmacy for treating sin-sick souls.
[Originally published in 1600 as Spiritual Physick to Cure the Diseases of the Soul, Arising from Superfluitie of Choller, Prescribed out of God’s Word]

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • 9781601787675
  • April  2020