The Diamond Marriage: Have Ultimate purpose in your marriage

Simon Vibert

Christian Focus Publications

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Do we really need another book on marriage? Christian and non–Christian books on husband/wife relationships are reaching near epidemic proportions. However, this book is different! The emphasis is not primarily on the husband and wife relationship, but rather the questions ‘Why has God gone to such great lengths to create marriage as we know it?’ and ‘what is the purpose of marriage?’

Simon regularly teaches a marriage course to Oakhill students, in his home church and around the UK

A recent report found that the national divorce rate in USA stands at 34% while for those who claim to be Christians it is 33%. Clearly therefore holding Christian convictions does not lessen the incidence of divorce. It certainly seems that even today’s Christians are less convinced that they should stick together ‘till death do us part.’ Why are many Christian marriages dutiful but joyless? What has led us to be content with such an understanding of Christian love in marriage? How can joy in marriage be revived?

Packed with insight, wisdom, and wit, Vibert’s biblical perspective on marriage helps us to re–assess our long–held views and restore marriage to its rightful status – for us and before God.

  • Pages: 176
  • Type: Paperback
  • ISBN 9781845500764
  • Publication Date: January 2006