The Fiery Edge of Love: A Collection of Quotes from Samuel Rutherford

Samuel Rutherford

Christian Focus Publications

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Samuel Rutherford was a 17th Century Scottish Presbyterian preacher whose writings have had a profound impact on Christians throughout the generations. He was one of the Scottish Commissioners to the Westminster Assembly, and his best–known work, Lex, Rex, had far reaching influence.

This collection of quotes, collated by editor Malcolm MacLean, give an idea of the power his words had. Although no more than a sentence or two, each of these quotes has a profundity which leaves the reader thinking long after they have closed the book.

The quotations are split into topics:

  • Jesus and the Gospel
  • Jesus – His Person and Work
  • Communion with Jesus
  • God
  • Christian Living
  • Christian Service
  • Thinking of Heaven
  • Eternity and Time

For those who have never read Samuel Rutherford’s works before, this is a delectable introduction, encouraging you to seek out his full works. For those who need no introduction to his writings, these quotes are a quick reminder of the great truths he strived to preach and the great God he strived to proclaim.

    • Pocket Hardcover
    • 104 pages
    • November 2021
    • 9781527107274