The God Who Hears: How the Story of the Bible Shapes Our Prayers

Sarah Ivill

Reformation Heritage Books

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Author Sarah Ivill contends, “As we study prayer through the lens of the unfolding story of Scripture, it will teach us how to pray, but more importantly it will reveal the Covenant God to whom we pray.” And just such an endeavor provides the foundation and motivation necessary to enrich our prayer life. See how Old Testament prayers find their fulfillment and transformation in Christ. Discover boldness and joy in prayer because Christ is the high priest who gives us access to the throne of grace. Moreover, look forward to an eternity in which our prayers will consist of unhindered praise.

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Table of Contents:

A Note from Sarah


Introduction to Biblical Theology

  1. The Lord Who Calls: From Creation to the Fall
  2. The Lord Who Is Worthy to Be Called On: From the Fall to the Flood
  3. The God Who Is Faithful: From the Flood to the Patriarchs
  4. The God Who Remembers: From the Patriarchs to Moses
  5. The Lord GodWho Hears: From Moses to David and Solomon 
  6. The Lord Who Is Trustworthy: From Solomon to the Exile
  7. The God Who Forgives: From the Exile to the Return to the Land
  8. The Lord Who Prays: The Inauguration of the Kingdom
  9. The Lord Who Is with Us by His Spirit: The Inter-advent Age
  10. The Lord Who Is Coming Soon: The Consummation of the Kingdom


  • Pages: 176
  • Type: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781601789167
  • Published: March 17, 2022