Judges (Guide Series Commentaries)

Peter Bloomfield

Evangelical Press

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The book of Judges makes no attempt to be cosmetic. It openly portrays wickedness among the people of God. Since there is essentially one church in all ages, the modern church cannot read the book of Judges without realizing that it is also morally and spiritually implicated. As Peter Bloomfield opens up the text he shows how it speaks powerfully to our generation. It highlights the marvellous grace of God but it also warns against presumption. It is exactly the message needed by the modern church. Unless it hearkens to the message of Judges the church will continue repeating ancient mistakes. Judges is the latest title in The Guide series. These books aim to communicate the Christian faith in a straightforward and readable way and encourage believers to live out their faith. This series covers books of the Bible on an individual basis, such as Ecclesiastes, Esther and Job, and relevant topics, such as creation, stewardship, Christian comfort and truth. An innovative and exciting feature of The Guide is that it is linked to its own web site.

  • Paperback
  • Pages- 256
  • ISBN- 9780852345719
  • Publication Date- 2005