The History of the Church



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Bishop Eusebius, a learned scholar who lived most of his life in Caesarea in Palestine, broke new ground in writing The History of the Church and provided a model for all later ecclesiastical historians. In tracing the history of the Church from the time of Christ to the Great Persecution at the beginning of the fourth century and ending with the conversion of the Emperor Constantine, he tried to show the purity and continuity of the doctrinal traditions of Christianity in its struggle against persecutors and heretics, and supported his account by extensive quotations from original sources to a degree hitherto unknown. G.A. Williamson's translation puts clarity first. Tedious repetitions have gone, sentences and sections are kept short, and clear editorial headings signpost the reader. This book has always been a source of vital and fascinating information: in this translation (the new edition of which includes a Who's Who in Eusebius) it is also readable.

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  • 435 pages
  • 1990
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