The Making of C. S. Lewis: From Atheist to Apologist 1918–1945


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Experience C. S. Lewis’s Captivating Transformation from Atheist to Christian

At the end of World War I, young C. S. Lewis was a devout atheist about to begin his studies at Oxford. In the three decades that followed, he would establish himself as one of the most influential writers and scholars of modern times, undergoing a radical conversion to Christianity that would transform his life and his work.

Scholar Harry Lee Poe unfolds these watershed years in Lewis’s life, offering readers a unique perspective on his conversion, his friendships with well-known Christians such as J. R. R. Tolkien and Dorothy L. Sayers, and his development from an opponent of Christianity to one of its most ardent defenders.

  • Type: Hardcover w/ jacket
  • Pages: 400
  • ISBN: 9781433567834
  • Publication Date: June 1, 2021