The Marrow of Theology

William Ames

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Presents the essence of the Puritan understanding of God, the church, and the world.

William Ames' classic summary of seventeenth-century Puritan theology is once again available in its only modern English translation. Ames was one of the most influential theologians of his day, particularly among New England Puritans such as John Cotton and Thomas Hooker. He was, in fact, planning to travel to America at the time of his death. These lectures were first presented to students in Leyden in the 1620s, and their reissue will be of great interest to contemporary students of Puritanism.

The Marrow of Theology is composed of two books. The first summarizes the Puritan understanding of the traditional doctrinal elements of systematic theology. The second covers the more practical matters of the Christian life. Combined with John Dykstra Eusden's excellent introductory study of Puritan theological method, this volume provides an indispensible tool for the study of Puritanism and its influence on later theology.

  • Paperback
  • 353 pages
  • 9780801020384
  • 1997