The Path to Being a Pastor: A Guide for the Aspiring

Bobby Jamieson


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A Practical Guide for Men Aspiring to Ministry 

What does it mean when a young man says he is “called” to be a pastor? Does that mean he is, or will be, qualified to be an elder? Is he gifted to work in pastoral ministry? According to pastor Bobby Jamieson, the idea of “calling” is the wrong place to start.

In The Path to Being a Pastor, Jamieson exhorts readers to trade the question “Am I called?” for “Am I qualified?” Instead of making pastoral ministry their goal, he encourages aspiring pastors to focus on their qualifications for eldership and begin participating in ministry in their local churches. For those further along the process and beginning their pastoral work, Jamieson offers advice about godly ambition, encouragement for those going through the candidating process, and a call to cherish Christ above their ministry. Written from personal experience, this guide lays the groundwork for aspiring leaders to walk through various stages of ministry preparation, trusting that the Lord will direct their steps on the path to becoming a pastor.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • 9781433576652
  • August 2021