The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

B B Warfield

Solid Ground Christian Publishers

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This precious book contains all the sermons, articles and book reviews on this vital subject by one of the most brilliant theologians America has ever produced. Sinclair Ferguson, author and pastor, said, "I commend these pages, as one who has continually been helped by their contents. It is a treasure to be enjoyed again and again."

"These sermons, articles, and book reviews, collected from Warfield's writings, show the genuine stamp of Reformed experiential piety that rested on the great 19th-century Princeton theologians. The sermons on the leading and sealing of the Spirit are themselves worth the price of the book. Would you like guidance in learning how to live more closely to Christ, how to walk more by faith through the Spirit, and how to wrestle at the throne of grace? Read this book prayerfully, both for clarity of mind and warmth of soul with regard to the person and ministry of the blessed Spirit. Let Warfield be your spiritual mentor in the great things of God." - Joel Beeke


1. Old Testament Religion - Psalm 51:12

2. The Conviction of the Spirit - John 16:8-11

3. The Outpouring of the Spirit - Acts 2:16,17

4. The Leading of the Spirit - Romans 8:14

5. The Spirit's Testimony to our Sonship - Romans 8:16

6. The Spirit's Help in our Praying - Romans 8:26,27

7. The Spirit of Faith - 2 Corinthians 4:13

8. New Testament Puritanism - 2 Corinthians 6:11 - 7:1

9. Spiritual Strengthening - Ephesians 3:16

10. The Sealing of the Holy Spirit - Ephesians 4:30

11. The Way of Life - Titus 3:4-9

12. The Love of the Holy Spirit - James 4:5


13. The Spirit of God in the Old Testament (shorter)

14. The Spirit of God in the Old Testament (longer)

15. On the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

16. The 1903 Revision of the Westminster Confession of Faith: Of the Holy Spirit

17. The Holy Spirit (written with A.A. Hodge)




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  • 2010