The Preacher and Preaching Reviving the Art

Samuel T. Logan Jr.


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How can today’s preaching recover the vitality of its great Reformation heritage? What are the main weaknesses of the contemporary pulpit, and how can they be met biblically?

Eighteen leading pastors and homiletical scholars have joined in this volume to address these questions as they offer sharp analysis, biblical insight, and practical directives. 

Under the topics “The Man,” “The Message,” and “The Manner,” the authors deal with the preacher’s calling, piety, personal bearing, appearance, study, organization, delivery, and much more. Their contributions include:

J. I. PackerWhy Preach?
James Montgomery BoiceThe Preacher and Scholarship
R. C. SproulThe Whole Man
Samuel T. Logan Jr.The Phenomenology of P reaching
Edmund P. ClowneyPreaching Christ From All the Scriptures
Sinclair B. FergusonExegesis
Jay E. AdamsSense Appeal and Storytelling

Additional contributors are: Joel Nederhood, Erroll Hulse, Hendrik Krabbendam, Donald Macleod, Glen C. Knecht, Lester De Koster, John F. Bettler, Geoffrey Thomas, J. Peter Vosteen, David A. Dombek, Gwyn Walters

Ministers, seminarians, elders, and anyone entrusted with the task of delivering God’s Word will find this an enlightening, challenging, and immensely helpful volume.

  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • 2011
  • 9781596383968