The Reformation: A Handbook

T. M. Lindsay

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‘. . a condensed, scholarly account of the religious upheaval of the sixteenth century. Where d’Aubigne would be too bulky, this volume will be acceptable, and the condensation is not a mutilation. The chapter on the principles of the Reformation, and the chronological summary at the end, are very valuable features of the book. It has our heartiest commendation.’ — C.H. SPURGEON

Book Description

First published in 1882, T. M. Lindsay’s Hand Book on the Reformation is still one of the best summaries of the sixteenth century Reformation available. Understanding the Reformation to be a revival of religion, the author maintains that it cannot be successfully described unless this, its essential character, is kept distinctly in view. Here is a thrilling record of the triumph of the Gospel in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Scotland, and England in short compass. The final section of the book explains the principles that governed the movement for reform. Also contains a valuable chronological summary.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Original Pub date: 1882
  • Banner Pub date:  2006
  • 9780851519326