The Widow’s Son and other stories

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Three short stories, with timely messages on Christian character for young men. The first and primary story, The Widow’s Son, tells of a young man leaving a godly mother to learn a trade in the city. He is influenced by evil companions and turns to sinful living, to the sorrow of his mother. But the Lord brought him close to death and awareness of eternity, sobering and changing his heart.

The 2nd story, The Watchmaker and His Family, shows how a thankful and contented attitude makes all the difference, and that we can be satisfied in what God has for us, even when it is not all that we would want.

The 3rd and concluding story of the book, ‘Tis All For the Best, reveals how much our understanding of life’s events is transformed by a trust in a sovereign God, who works all things according to the wisdom of His will and together for the good of those He loves.

  • Paperback
  • Pages: 60
  • ISBN: 9781583391105
  • Publication Date: 2010