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"Shedd's insights into prevailing trends and their consequences, so eloquently expressed in this book of essays is deserving of repeated close scrutiny. Sufficient for us to say that his material is biblically orthodox, historically defensible, and as important to us today as when it was first penned more than 100 years ago. Truth is timeless, and while the opinions of other writers may be in vogue for a short period, in the final analysis it is the writers who enrich our lives with theological themes that outlast their more popular contemporaries. It is with delight, therefore, that we welcome the reappearance of W.G.T. Shedd's famous essays." - Cyril Barber TABLE OF CONTENTS 1- The Method and Influence of Theological Studies 2- The Nature and Influence of the Historic Spirit 3- The Idea of Evolution Defined, and Applied to History 4- The Doctrine of Original Sin 5- The Atonement a Satisfaction for the Ethical Nature of Both God and Man 6- Symbols and Congregationalism